Pretzel Paint Brushes

I wasn’t going to write up a post about these but they came our really cute so I decided too..,the only problem is that I do not have exact directions for these…

My niece was having a party & told me that she was going to get pretzel rods with coloured candy melts on the tips to look like paint brushes! I thought …oh I can do that for her! I looked it up on Pintrest…that is where she saw them in the first place…then I Googled it & found a video on You Tube on how to make these

I went to bulk barn, bought a whole bunch of coloured candy melts & bags of pretzel sticks at the grocery store. Got all set up, melted the coloured discs, tried to follow the video & it just was not working for me…. I could not get my pretzels to look as lovely as the ones in the video. Murray helped by looking up some other ways to do it & we saw that someone had kind of swirled the chocolate on the pretzel… I tried that but it didn’t work for me…so as I was doing that one I tried the method I ended up using & I think they look pretty cute!

We wanted to stand them up to actually look like paintbrushes so I had to have them the same all the way around… where some we saw in the videos looked like paint brushes on one side but were flat on the underside…

I do not have quantities of anything but I will share the method with you & a video Murray took to give you an idea of how to make this should you ever want to!


Thick pretzel rods


Coloured candy melts …colour of your choice of course


You need some small bowls to use to melt the discs in. The discs are melted in the microwave oven. Start by melting them in 10 second increments…the amount of time took to meat depended on how many Had in a bowl. I stirred them in-between putting them back in the microwave… You don’t want to over heat them as they can burn.– if they got hard waiting to be used I just re-heated them


I used a silicone pastry brush to brush the melted discs onto the pretzel stick


I dipped the ends of the pretzel rods in the melted discs


After the ends were dipped, I put them on a lined baking dish until they hardened up


When they were dry, I used the silicone brush to ‘paint’ on the ends, layering it & as it cooled a bit, the silicone brush left lines which resembled a brush

I stood the rods up in containers to dry…this picture is of them kind of touching, but they have to have space between them so they do not stick together & then


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