photography of pile of apples

Here are the Dessert recipes I told you I would post!

Fall is the perfect time for desserts made with Apples & also Prune Plums which are available in the stores now! The recipes in this post are

Apple Cinnamon Twist, Apple Rum Cake, Apple Crisp, Apple Coffee Cake, Apple Cake- Smitten Kitchen Apple Sharlotka, Phyllo Pastry Apple Strudel, Plum Cake #1 & Plum Cake #2 ( my fav!)

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Apple Cake…Smitten Kitchens Apple Sharlotka

When you want an apple pie & your favourite bakery is closed…or you don’t have the time or energy to make a pie at home..this apple cake/dessert…is perfect! It is just a pile of cut apples put into a springform pan, then an easy batter poured over-top of the apples, baked, turned over and voila! Not as sugary as an apple pie, so you have to like the flavour of apples …which we do! It is a very cool recipe…the batter settles into the apples & combines to turn this into a very interesting dish.

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