Slushy Blended Mojito

When we entertain in the summer, we like to make this Slushy Blended Mojito drink This is Murray’s ‘job’ & he makes them perfectly! Cold & slushy…this blended mojito is delicious! Of course you don’t need company to enjoy this, make it for yourself too!

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Strawberry, Tequila & Aperol Slushy Drink!!

When Murray & I were in Italy about 9 years ago, we discovered a delicious drink..the Aperol Spritz. Once we were home, we tried to get restaurants to make it, but not many of them had the Aperol. It wasn’t easy to find in the liquor stores in Edmonton either. Over the years, it became known & this year the Aperol Spritz is the ‘summer drink’ I think.

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