Cookies for the Holidays!

These cookies are decorated for Chanukah but you can make them for Christmas, just change the cookie cutter shape & the colour of the icing!

I have included 4 of the recipes that I make every year, they are really my families favourites! I also make the Ginger Cookies at this time year as well

Sugar Cookies with Marbled Icing, these cookies are parve/non-dairy

Sugar Cookies iced with Royal Icing

Blue Crinkle Cookies

Shortbread Cookies

I broke my cookie scoop so I have to order another one Here is a link for a cookie scoop that is for 1 tbsp of cookie dough. This is my favourite size of scoop. This is an affiliate link for

All four of these recipes are really great! Let me know what you think about them!

Sugar Cookies with Marbled Icing (Parve)

I saw this recipe on Instagram & HAD TO TRY IT! Sugar Cookies with Marbled Icing Jake Cohen posted a video on Instagram showing these cookies with this recipe & they looked so beautiful. I make Chanukah cookies every year & send them off to our grandkids in the mail & share them with our…

Sugar Cookies Iced with Royal Icing

My friend Billie invited me over to ice some Sugar Cookies with her & a few other people! I was thrilled to be invited & eager to go!  I make Sugar Cookies a few times a year… & I ice them but not usually the way Billie decorates her cookies. She uses a royal icing…

Blue Crinkle Cookies

These sweet little Blue Crinkle Cookies are easy to make & very pretty! Coloured Blue for Chanukah but you could add any food colour to make these anyway you want!! You could use red ones & green ones for Christmas… Pink for Valentines Day or someones favourite colour for a special occasion! Gel food colour…

Shortbread Cookies

I have a few binders full of recipes & when I was looking through the dessert one I came across this recipe for Shortbread Cookies   There was a note on the top of this recipe that this was Jacki’s favorite in 2009! Jacki was coming home for a few days so I made them and we will…