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It does not have to be Valentines Day to eat chocolate!! So if you can not make all of these delicious recipes for Feb 14, you can remember them & enjoy anytime1 Here are 6 recipes with chocolate but there are many more on the blog!

The Vegan Chocolate Sheet Cake is so good! A deep rich flavour & very moist. You can make this in a cake pan if you do not want to use a sheet pan!

Chewy Chocolate Cookies are just that! The best Chocolate Cookies!

For a more ‘fancy’ dessert you could try the Chocolate Toffee Torte Made in a springform pan this takes a bit of effort but it is so worth it!

If quick & easy is what you want Marcia’s Baseball Cake is the recipe for you! It is so good that I love to just eat it with a spoon right from the pan!

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies are amazing! The addition of chocolate to the shortbread is delish!

Chocolate Bar Pie is an old recipe my sister gave me!

Vegan Chocolate Sheet Cake

This was a simple cake chocolate cake to make..parve & VEGAN! Even if that does not matter to you…this cake was delicious & was the first dessert to get eaten at a family dinner I had!!

Chewy Chocolate Cookies!

Chewy Chocolate Cookies! The deep delicious flavour of this cookie comes from using cocoa powder. It is easy change this cookie up a bit, using the batter as the base, you can add chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, or chopped nuts.

Chocolate Toffee Torte

This dessert takes some time pt together.. not a quick recipe but it is certainly worth the effort!

Marcia’s Baseball Cake

My friend, Marcia, named this cake Baseball Cake when she took it to a baseball wind-up party & from than on that is what it was called!!

Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookie

I found this recipe on Bon Appetit. It looked very interesting… shortbread, chocolate chunks, rolled in sugar & sprinkled with flakey sea salt… what would be wrong with this?Not one thing!!!

Chocolate Bar Pie

This recipe is from my sister Edith & she gave it to me probably 25 years ago. I have looked for the original recipe, Hershey Bar Pie, but can not find it anywhere that is exactly the same as this one. The recipes I have seen on the internet call for Cool Whip & a…

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Many people ask me "how did you do that?" "will you show me how?' So I decided to make a blog about what I cook and bake. I am in no way a professional cook, but I love to feed people and try new things as well as making the "old foods" My friends are wonderful cooks, each with their own 'specialty' and i will be having guest cooks here, showcasing their favourite things to cook as well!! I hope you enjoy this blog and maybe decide to make some of these foods yourself! I am always available to answer any questions you might have about anything you see here. Some of my recipes are unique to me but most are not. They are all recipes I have found in a variety of ways, some are old family recipes that date back decades and some are new ones!