Standing Rib Roast – a very easy method

Murray & I love a Standing Rib Roast! I do not make it very often but when I do it is a special treat! This is a post from 2018 but I thought it was a good idea to remind everyone about this delicious dish!

I told my friend that I was going to make a Standing Rib Roast & she asked me if I was going to use ‘no peek’ method. I had heard about that method years ago….but I rarely have a roast like this so the last time I cooked it I did it the traditional way…but my friend assured me that her roast turned out perfectly…so…I trust her & searched the internet for a recipe.

The one I decided to try was

Chef John’s Perfect Prime Rib on

This recipe was so easy, I just used Chef John’s cooking method …I did not season my roast the way he does in the recipe but I used salt, pepper, garlic powder & oil

The basic recipe is pre-heat the oven to 500f, determine how long you should roast the beef by its weight according to his instructions…then put the roast into the hot oven for the specified time, turn the oven off & let the roast stay in there for 2 hours.

I will put the instructions for figuring out how long to roast it for in the method part of this blog. #5

I can not even explain how delicious this roast is…tender & juicy, cooked to perfection,, tasty with a seared outer edge… medium to rare inside… I will never make a roast any different way!!! All I can say is WOW & thank you Chef John! Note. I made this for someone who wanted the roast cooked more so I left it in the hot often after turning the heat off for an extra 30 minutes & it worked out for us. The edges were fairly well done & they middle was still a bit pink. You will have to experiment I think to get it cooked a bit more.

*** We received a great gift from our kids, a smart bluetooth meat thermometer that uses an app. called Meater I made a steak using this the other night & the steak was perfect. I thought I would share a link with you if you want to look at this. This is an affiliate link

Here is the recipe….though I don’t really have a recipe’ for seasoning the roast…no measured amounts


1  Standing Rib Roast, any size you want to make



garlic powder

oil that can withstand a high temperature…not olive oil, I used grape seed oil


Preheat oven to 500f

A baking/roasting pan to accommodate your size of roast, rib side down

  1. Let your roast sit out of the fridge for a bit so that it is not really cold..but only for a short time.. I left it out of the fridge until it felt cold but not COLD so maybe 30 minutes or so…
  2. Now season your roast… I sprinkled all sides generously with regular table salt…I used this so that the salt would be all over, a more coarse salt gives a ‘punch’ of salt taste & I wanted the seasoning to be even on the roast. I sprinkled the entire roast with salt, then pepper ( not too much pepper) & garlic powder ( not tons of garlic powder).
  3. I poured a bit of oil onto the meat & smeared it all over … combining the spices with the oil…
  4. Put the roast into a baking dish, rib side down …I used a baking dish one with short sides so that all of the meat was exposed to the heat.
  5. Determine how long to cook the roast by this method…. Chef John says that the cooking time depends on the exact weight of the roast…multiply the exact weight by 5…round the number to the nearest whole number. you will cook the roast at 500f for the exact number of minutes you just calculated…
  6. Once you have determined how long to cook the roast, put the roast into the preheated oven… cook it for exactly the time you calculated, TURN OFF THE OVEN…& let the roast stay in the oven for 2 HOURS before opening the oven door. Do Not Peek !! This will release heat from the oven and effect this process.
  7. Remove the roast from the oven
  8. Let the roast rest before cutting it, approx 20 – 30 minutes
  9. This roast was fantastic… cooked exactly as we like it…the meat was more well cooked on the outer edge but so tender & juicy, medium rare & then more rare near the bone..perfect for Murray & I!!!!



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