Spice Rub For Salmon

I have been using this spice rub for years. Using a dry Spice Rub for Salmon is a great way to get flavour all over!

This Spice Rub for Salmon is good on many other foods as well! You could use it on other types of fish & chicken. You can season vegetables with this & then roast them! You could give it try on anything! Always use a bit of oil on the food after using the spice rub!

The recipe came on the paper that some grilling planks were in. There were 6 planks, cedar, alder and maple. We have long since used those but I kept the wrapper for this recipe. I do not change a thing in this spice rub since it is great the way it is! The recipe is called COASTAL CUISINE DRY RUB but I do not know the company!

The recipe makes a generous amount of seasoning so I put it in a labeled container to keep for future use! I always like to have it in my spice drawer so I am ready to use it on anything!

Here is the recipe


2 tbsp kosher salt

2 tbsp brown sugar

1 tbsp ground black pepper

1 tbsp garlic powder

1 tbsp basil, dried

1 tbsp paprika


Mix all of the ingredients together and then season whatever you like with it. I sprinkle it generously on salmon then BBQ the fish or pop it in the oven, You can brush a bit of oil on the fish after you have seasoned it to give it a beautiful crispy top! Tou can. cook your fish any way you like. You can pan sear it, bake it or put it in your air fryer! The Spice Rub for Salmon is great so you will enjoy it on many different foods

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