Homemade Bagels

The first time I made these bagels was in 2018 and I have made these a few times during this year and a half of the Covid19 pandemic. I plan to continue making them because they are just so good!

I you have some time & you like bagels you could give this recipe a try!


My niece Lauren came back from a trip to New York & made these bagels at home. She posted a picture of them Instagram…they looked perfect I asked her where the recipe was from. The recipe is from sophisticatedgourmet.com. I haven’t made bagels before but I thought why not? So… I gave it a try…

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Many people ask me "how did you do that?" "will you show me how?' So I decided to make a blog about what I cook and bake. I am in no way a professional cook, but I love to feed people and try new things as well as making the "old foods" My friends are wonderful cooks, each with their own 'specialty' and i will be having guest cooks here, showcasing their favourite things to cook as well!! I hope you enjoy this blog and maybe decide to make some of these foods yourself! I am always available to answer any questions you might have about anything you see here. Some of my recipes are unique to me but most are not. They are all recipes I have found in a variety of ways, some are old family recipes that date back decades and some are new ones!

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