2 New Chicken Recipes I have tried this week

I am just going to give you the links to these 2 delicious chicken recipes Murray & I have enjoyed!

The first one was for Chicken Wings… the recipe is Sticky and Crispy Asian Chicken Wings – Nicky’s Kitchen Sanctuary Note: the recipe says to coat the wings with baking powder then baking them.. I used flour instead & it was fine!! These are simple to make though you might not have all of the ingredients in your pantry & fridge so just adjust it to what you have! If you do not have sweet chili sauce but have hot sauce use that! If you don’t have lemon grass paste – add a tsp of lemon juice if you have that… or omit it! (it is only 1 tsp anyway!) & use garlic & ginger powder… I used 1 tsp of each.. These were really good. I bet if you do not have wings you can use this sauce on any cooked chicken or tofu..I would bake the tofu in the oven so it is crispy! I didn’t take any pictures of these wings but I should have!

Here is the link to the recipe for Sticky and Crispy Asian Chicken Wings

The second recipe we really liked was from Food 52Caramelized Black Pepper Chicken from Charles Phan. This was amazing! Easy & quick. Also I made some substitutions and here are some suggestions to you .. use any chicken or again tofu if you do not have skinless boneless chicken thighs… I did not have any fish sauce so I used an equal amount of water & some soya sauce..dried ginger & garlic powder..dried red chilies or use some hot sauce.. and no shallot?- use a bit on thinly sliced onion.. no rice vinegar? use apple cider vinegar if you have that or white wine vinegar…I would not use white vinegar or balsamic vinegar.. & if you use a substitute for rice vinegar maybe start with less then the recipe & taste it, adjust as needed. This sauce was sweet not vinegary

Here is the link to the recipe for Caramelized Black Pepper Chicken

Let me know if you try these recipes! Also, on my Facebook page I have asked people to share some of the foods that they have been cooking. I think it is great to share recipes & give each other ideas!

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