Vegan Thai Broccoli Soup

I came home from a trip to Toronto & did not feel like cooking, Murray went to an Oliers game with a friend, & I needed to eat…so I looked in the freezer, looked in my recipes & found this! I love that this soup is vegan, has only vegetables & a can of coconut milk & some spices…I was writing this up while eating the soup…but couldn’t stop eating I finished the soup & then wrote this!!!

The recipe is from epicurious, THAI COCONUT, BROCCOLI AND CORIANDER SOUP

I didn’t have the ingredients exactly as the recipe called for.. so I just adapted the recipe to what I had…a package of frozen broccoli, some frozen spinach & I had some of the Thai green curry paste in the fridge from a previous recipe….Quick Salmon in a Thai Green Curry.…but I didn’t have enough needed which as it turned out was ok was spicy enough for me with half of the curry!

This recipe was super quick.. you can have it on the stove in minutes actually, cook it for about 15 minutes or so if you are using frozen veg…then eat! You know how some recipes say they are really quick but aren’t? This one is!

There is a lot of cilantro in this soup & if you do not like cilantro, this soup is not for you as it is, but maybe you can just leave out the cilantro….you won’t miss it if you don’t like it!!!!

Here is the recipe as I made it…inspired by epicurious, THAI COCONUT, BROCCOLI AND CORIANDER SOUP…


2 heaping tablespoons of Thai green curry paste

1 can coconut milk

3 cups water

Salt & pepper to taste…I had to add more salt after the soup was puréed

1 500 gram pkg of frozen broccoli florets

3 pellets of frozen spinach….the bag of frozen spinach I have has the spinach in kind of pellets… but you can use 2 cups of fresh spinach or enough frozen spinach that you think 2 cups of fresh spinach would be frozen…& if you are using can keep some aside to garnish the soup with..

1 cup of cilantro leaves for the soup & more to garnish…NOTE: taking the leaves off the stems is time consuming…but worth it..I do have a really neat tool that strips leaves off  stems from kale to cilantro/parsley….there is a picture of it below…

1 green onion…shredded. FOR GARNISH,,, NOTE: just cut the green onion really thinly to shred…I have some herb scissors that I used…& these worked beautifully…

Store-bought crispy onions. FOR GARNISH


  1. Put the Thai green curry in a medium size saucepan & cook it, stirring, for about a minute until it starts to become fragrant…
  2. Add the coconut milk & water, use a whisk to combine it well…& bring to a boil
  3. Season with salt & pepper
  4. Then add the frozen broccoli & frozen spinach, give it a stir
  5. Let this cook on a slow boil,…until the vegetables are defrosted & soft…takes about 10 minutes
  6. Add the cilantro & mix it all together & let this cook for a few minutes..
  7. Now, purée the soup with a hand blender or in a blender
  8. Check the seasoning…I had to add salt
  9. & THAT IS IT!
  10. Serve garnished with some cilantro leaves, shredded green onion, crispy onions & fresh spinach leaves if you have…I did not!




This is the little leaf stripper I have..I think it’s worth getting if you see one
This is the cool tool I have to strip leaves off works great
Ingredients except the water
After adding the vegetables, give this a stir…& cook until the vegetables are soft
After about 10 minutes…add teh cilantro leaves
This is a picture of the soup when it is finished cooking
Serve the soup with shredded green onion, cilantro leaves & crispy onions


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