Spanish Rice

Do you have left-over plain rice? I did. I remembered that my mom used to serve us rice that she called Spanish Rice! I have no idea why or where she came up with this but it was good….

I don’t remember any other rice dish that we ate as kids, my sisters & I, maybe we did…but this is what I remember. I have mentioned before in this blog that my mom loved cooking with ketchup & that is exactly what she used in this ‘fancy’  rice dish

I made fish tacos last night for dinner & served the rice alongside… this is how I made the tacos… I had a cabbage in the fridge so I thinly sliced it, put it on a baking sheet…put some oil & salt on..& roasted it in a 400f oven until it was soft & a bit charred…this did not take very long.. I cooked some pre-breaded fish from my freezer the hot oven… made some guacamole ( I just mashed some avocado & mixed it with salt & lemon juice), cut up a tomato, chopped up some cilantro..I had some small tortillas that I warmed up in a non-stick skillet…actually the same one I cooked the rice in…pulled out some salsa from the fridge, some plain greek yogurt..& some new Sriracha mayo that I saw at the grocery store.. then I layered it all! first the tortilla, then the cabbage…then the fish…tomato, quac, salsa, yogurt, salsa & sauce.. it was really delish!  I put a picture of this at the bottom of the recipe for the rice

Here is the recipe


1 stalk of celery

3 green onion stalks

1/2 green pepper…optional…Murray does not like green pepper but this is what my mom put into the rice but I did not

1 tbsp oil

1/4 cup ketchup

3 cups cooked rice ***this can be cold from the fridge of just cooked


  1. Cut the celery stalk in half lengthwise & then thinly slice it..set aside
  2. Trim most of the green off the green onions…& cut the root end off…thinly slice & set aside
  3. If you are using the pepper, dice into small pieces
  4. Heat the oil in a skillet & sauté the celery, onion & pepper (if using( until softened
  5. Now add the ketchup, mix the veg with the ketchup & cook this for about 2 minutes…you want the ketchup to cook down  & boil a bit
  6. Now add the rice & mix it all together…make sure all of the rice is mixed with the ketchup mixture…
  7. And that’s it!!



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