New Newsletter on Substack

My current Newsletter on Substack has some delish Thanksgiving recipe links for American Thanksgiving!

I Have A Question For You!

I turned off my email notification for this blog some months ago trying to streamline my email to subscribers. This means that if you are an email subscriber to the blog, you will not get my new posts by email. Instead I was trying to see if people would like my Substack Newsletter & subscribe there. Thinking you would not like to get both, the newsletter & posts by email from me. I have many subscribers to the newsletter but I am not sure if everyone who received the blog by email is now on my Substack mailing list. So… I am sending this out to everyone & I would like to know if you would like to receive my recipes from the blog & get a newsletter email once a week as well. I am just trying to figure out the Substack Newsletter world! Please email me if you have a comment in this regard. I will turn off the email notifications again I think as I do not want to fill up email boxes too much!

In the newsletter I post the weeks recipes & write about some interesting things that I hope everyone likes! You can always access the newsletter by clicking this link

Here is a link to subscribe to my newsletter