Lemon Blueberry Scones

I love scones…pretty much any kind of scones.. I have 2 favourite places to buy them.. one here in Edmonton & one place in Toronto

Pumpkin Scones

I love scones, & am in search of the perfect pumpkin scone…. I tried this recipe & am going to try another one to compare the 2!!!

Raspberry Scones

Another great recipe from Smitten Kitchen! These raspberry scones have a delicious subtle flavour. I ate a couple fresh the day I made them, the next day I cut one in half & toasted it… put some butter on which melted into the warm crispy scone… SO GOOD!!!

Lemon Currant Scones

I love scones. Crispy on the outside, flaky inside. There is a trick to making a good scone I think. Not too much handling of the dough. Like a pie crust. I am not an expert but I like to make them & keep them in the freezer. When I want to eat one, I…