Parchment Paper Slings

Here is an article from a blog on that I received in my email today. I wanted to share it with you because it is such a great thing to use parchment paper slings in your baking pans. You just pull your baking out of the pan, then cut upper baking into ┬ápieces…no struggle to get that first piece of brownie out of the pan..mind you…that is always the tasting piece for me…but, this useful tip makes cutting the edges off the squares easier as well. This is good for loaf cakes, anything you want to serve out of the baking pan except for round cakes where a sling doesn’t really work. I have used parchment slings & always struggled with keeping the sides up…here they have a wonderful suggestion of securing the parchment paper in place with binder clips! I often wonder why I don’t think of these ideas that make things easier. I hope I remember to use binder clips from now on! This article is worth reading. I hope you gain some useful tips from it

Here is the link to the article