Do you want a special coffee for New Years Eve? I am making Spanish Coffee…my way!

Here is a short video I made preparing a Spanish Coffee, Except, it is not exactly right as I did not have Creme de Cacao so I used Baileys! It was still delish!

You can rim your cup with sugar if you want, if not then sweetened whipped cream is good!

Ingredients you will need for one cup

1 cup coffee

3/4 oz brandy

3/4 oz Creme de Cacao, I used Baileys

whipped cream, this can be freshly whipped or you can use a can of whipped cream from the grocery store! *** if you want you can whip your cream with a bit of sugar if you want and you are not going to rim your glass with sugar

optional… ;lemon & fine sugar

If you want you can rim your coffee cup with fine sugar.. use a lemon around the edge of the cup then dip this into fine sugar

Method Add the brandy, creme de cacao to your coffee & top with whipped cream