TikTok Crinkle Cake

This recipe, Crinkle Cake, came across my TikTok page & it looked so good I had to try it.

I started watching TikTok when my young nieces put a dance on it and I am hooked. I only go on once a day to have a look around this app but when I do I find some very interesting life tips….funny stories….and food of course.

This Crinkle Cake is on the account of @ramenasaidwow. If you go on TikTok you can do a search for her and have a look at how she makes this. There are a few posts with variations of this Crinkle Cake & in one of them she says it is based on a middle eastern dessert. I tried to find it but there are several recipes for this type of dessert on line so I do not want to name its origin incorrectly… so I am just giving credit to ramenasaidwow

(I am not advocating any content on TikTok. Some of it is just not real & if I come across any medical or other advice I personally just scroll past that.) That being said, I do enjoy what I decide to watch.

This Crinkle Cake is pretty simple to make, you just fold 2 sheets of Phyllo pastry accordion style, place in a baking pan…every two sheets beside each other. Then this is baked for 10 minutes, melted butter is poured all over the top, back in the oven for another 10 minutes. Meanwhile, you will mix up a a custard that you will pour over top then bake again for 30-40 minutes. After this, a sugar syrup is poured over top, This was delicious fresh. We stored it in the refrigerator so when we took some out we warmed it briefly in the microwave.

Here is the recipe.. I only changed one thing, I added some cinnamon to the custard


1 box Phyllo Pastry Sheets. I used a 454g package

1 cup butter, melted


1 cup sugar

1 cup milk

2 eggs

2 tsp vanilla

2 tsp cinnamon

Sugar Syrup

2 cups sugar

1 cup water


Preheat oven to 350f

I used a 11 x7 glass pan since there was not many phyllo sheets in the package I was using. I sprayed the pan with non-stick spray

  1. Take 2 sheets of phyllo pastry and fold it up like an accordion lengthwise *** the sheets were too long for this dish, I cut the ends so that it fit, then used the cut pieces to layer out beside each other to make a new row
  2. Put each folded piece into the baking dish, continue with all of the sheets and place them beside each other.
  3. Bake in the preheated oven for 10 minutes
  4. Remove the dish from the oven & pour the melted butter evenly over the phyllo pastry. Return to the oven to bake for another 10 minutes.
  5. Mix the custard ingredients together with a whisk until completely combined
  6. After the second 10 minutes, remove the dish from the oven & pour the custard evenly over top of the phyllo. Bake for another 30-40 minutes until browned and crispy. Remove from the oven & pour the sugar syrup on
  7. To make the sugar syrup, put the sugar & water together in a saucepan, stir & cook until the sugar melts & starts to get thick ( I didn’t get to the thick stage and it was still fine) Pour over the baked Crinkle Cake as evenly as you can. you can spread it out with a heat resistant spatula
  8. Let cool Cut to desired size


phyllo sheets folded and ready to go in the oven for the first 10 minutes
After baking for the first 10 minutes, pour the melted butter evenly over the phyllo pastry
Ready to go in the oven for the second time
Pour the custard on as evenly as you can


Custard poured over top… this goes back in the oven finish cooking
Out of the oven
Pour the sugar syrup over top of the baked dessert
Finished & ready to cut!

Crispy on the outside & tender inside!

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