Happy Hanukkah… eat some latkes!

I love latkes but I only make them once a year. We were talking about that last night… if we like them so much why don’t we make them more often? I guess its because I like to look forward to them at Hanukkah & if I made them more often they would not be so special.

But…. I think I might have to change that this year. There are some new ways to eat latkes that I want to try but can’t possible eat them all week long!

For example.. shredded brisket on top of a shredded potato latke with some brisket gravy spooned over-top, a big shredded latke with a fried egg..I have had this before & it is delicious, at a deli in Palm Springs they make a smoked meat latke sandwich.. I bet that is good! how about a little bit of smoked salmon on top with some whipped chive cream cheese underneath the lox?

I can never make up my mind either about how to eat plain ones.. do I eat my latke with applesauce? sugar sprinkled on top? salt? sour cream? sour cream & apple sauce together? meat gravy? or plain ???? Shredded or pureed?

Hahahaha there are many latke decisions to make!!!! So maybe I should make them throughout the year to try the many ways to eat a latke!

I am making latkes tonight & I think I will make some shredded ones, some pureed ones & will make the Loaded Latke …you can find the recipe in my previous post Latkes Latkes Latkes

This video is from a few years ago.

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