Vanilla Sprinkle Cake

I have always loved sprinkles.. you know what I am talking about! Those colourful crunchy little, sweet, perfectly straight, all the same size ice cream sprinkles? All my life I have only eaten them on ice cream. I ALWAYS get sprinkles on any ice-cream I buy & even at home….sprinkle sprinkle. But lately, to my immense pleasure, sprinkles have been popping up all over the place! On cookies! In cakes!!!  On Cakes!! & I saw that they were even in the icing of an Oreo cookie!I love it! So this Sprinkle Birthday cake was exactly what I wanted to make & eat!

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Birthday Cake for Jacki

We bought a birthday cake for Jacki from Bake Shop in Toronto! I emailed them from Edmonton & they were so helpful! The cake was beautiful & just what Jacki liked! They have sugar plaques to write your message on & they use something gold to write the message with, very pretty . I’ll put the link to their website here in case you want to check them out! They also sold some beautiful single candles for $.75  *** I didn’t love the taste of the icing but most people did!