YAPCHIK – Slow Baked Potato Kugel

I had never heard about YAPCHIK in my entire life! But I am sure glad I found this recipe now!

Turns out it is a slow baked potato kugel with meat cooked inside.

Baked in a very low oven for 8 hours…cholent style.

The recipe is from JOYofKosher.

Ever since I first read about this on their site I was eager to try it. I was not disappointed. It is amazingingly delicious. It is soft in texture, tasty beyond belief.

We ate it during the week & I served it alongside some ribs. There isn’t a ton of meat in it, just scattered here & there. The recipe suggests baking it overnight, which of course is good for Shabbat, but I just put it together in the morning, kept it in the oven all day & we had it for dinner that night. The first hour & a half are baked at a high heat, mine started to burn at about 1 hour 15 so I turned the heat down then, so i suggest you watch it after the first hour.  I think you should give this a try ….so good!

I am not re-writing the recipe because I did not change anything! I used pastrami as the meat but there are options for the meat to use!

Here is the post to the recipe


Here are pictures of the YAPCHIK

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  1. I have never heard of this, but if it involves potatoes, I’m there!