Nik Sharma’s Recipe for – Roast Chicken Thighs + Vegetables

Here is another recipe from Nik Sharm’s new cookbook.. THE FLAVOR EQUATION

Our son-in-law made this recipe for us & we loved it. I really enjoyed having him in the kitchen cooking! Both he & our daughter are wonderful cooks so it is always a treat to have them prepare food for us!! The pictures are of him cooking this dish! You will see in the picture we made more than the 4 chicken thighs called for in the recipe since we were more people.

Nik Sharma’s new cookbook is great. This is the second chicken recipe we have had from it.

This is the first one I posted…… Chicken Coconut Curry – Nik Sharma

This recipe is really simple to put together & cooked with vegetables it is an all-in-one dinner! We did not have any potatoes so they are not in the picture but I will put a note in about adding them


4 chicken bone-in chicken thighs .. about 2 lbs


2 peeled garlic cloves

1 one inch piece of peeled ginger

2 tbsp white vinegar

2 tbsp worcestershire sauce

2 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp sea salt

1/2 tsp black peppercorns


we used only mushrooms

250 gr of mushrooms

the recipe says to use:

1 lb of mini potatoes

1 cup of frozen peas

1 tbsp olive oil

pepper & salt


  1. dry the chicken & put the pieces into a ziplock bag
  2. Combine garlic, ginger, white vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, olive oil, salt & peppercorns in a blender, ( we used a hand blender) , until really well combined.
  3. Pour the marinade into the bag that has the chicken in it. Seal the bag, mix the marinade around so that all of the chicken is covered. Put the bag in the refrigerator for 3 hours or it can be in there overnight

To Cook the Meal

Preheat oven to 400f

  1. Remove the chicken from the fridge & let it sit out for a few minutes
  2. Prepare the vegetables … put whatever vegetables you are using into a bowl & toss with olive oil, salt & pepper
  3. Spread the vegetables onto a large rimmed baking sheet
  4. Put the marinaded chicken pieces, skin side up onto of the vegetables. Pour the marinade some the bag onto the chicken pieces.
  5. Put the sheet pn into theq preheated oven & cook until the chicken is brown & crispy & cooked through. The internal temperature of cooked chicken is 165f read with an instant meat themometer The potatoes should be soft
  6. Let sit for a few minutes before serving


Mixing the marinade ingredients
The chicken & marinade in a zip loc bag. Put in the refrigerator
We only used mushrooms on the sheet pan & you can see we doubled the recipe so double the marinade to accommodate the extra pieces of chicken
pour the marinade from the bag over the chicken

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