My Mom’s Recipes

In memory of my mom, who passed away 7 years ago today, I want to just say a few things about family recipes & share some of her recipes that I have posted so far on my blog…

I was lucky to have a mom who was a good cook, like her mom. There were a few things she made that I did not like, but mostly everything was great! She could put a soup together with just about anything in her fridge, which is a talent I think…one I did not inherit.. I need a recipe for a good soup usually…once in a while I can pull off a good soup but it is rare!! Her chicken soup though…no one can really replicate it though my sisters & I try…there was something about it… she strained that soup 2 -3 times so it was nice & clear…it was beyond delicious

Our family always got together for meals for the Jewish holidays…( as well as other times during the year of course) & when I am making those meals now, I always have foods that my mom made…I like to have her at the table with us. I find myself asking her advise when making a chicken soup..or chopped liver…in my mind…but I still talk to her about what I am making…like…how many onions do I need for this?? Haha

Anyway, I just thought I would put links up here to some of her recipes that I have blogged in the past year…. I have so many more to post…which will be nice as I will think of her whenever I am writing them up…

Here they are:

Mom’s Apple Cake

Salmon Patties

Cottage Cheese Muffins

Mom’s Sweet Matzo Kugel

Leah’s Honey Mustard Chicken with Curry

Goldie’s Kamish

Mom’s Yummy Chicken

Cauliflower Kokletin (patties)


MMM Meatloaf!

Homemade Donuts !

Potato Salad

Swedish Pastry ( Thumbprint Cookies)Short Ribs & Beans

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    How sweet!

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