Hasselback Baked Potatoes

I love potatoes… anyway they are made! These Hasselback potatoes look great & are like a combo of a baked potato & a crispy roasted potato! 

It is such a simple recipe… really more of a technique….the potatoes are cut in slices but not all the way through. Using a pair of chopsticks placed on either side of the potato, you cut thin slices but the chop sticks stop the knife from cutting completely through the potato. Then, you brush seasoned oil on & bake in a hot oven….

Here is the recipe

This is for 2 people but it is the same for however many potatoes you want to make…you will just need to add more oil & spices….


2 russet potatoes…. have them as close to the same size as possible

2-3 tbsp vegetable oil *** start with 2 tbsp & add more if needed….

kosher salt


chopped chives…this is optional


Preheat oven to 450f

Line a baking sheet with foil

  1. Wash & dry the potatoes
  2. Now you are going to slice the potaotes…on a cutting board…take 2 chopsticks, put one potato nestled between the chopsticks…now holding onto the potato and keeping the chopsticks in place.. slice the potatoes into thin 1/4″ slices…making sure not to cut through the potato. Set this one aside & slice the other one & any more if you making more…
  3. Put the potatoes onto the prepared baking sheet
  4. Put the oil into a bowl & add the salt & pepper … I’d say add 1 tsp salt & a few shakes of pepper
  5. Using a pastry brush, brush the oil onto the potatoes getting in between the slices as well as the top
  6. Sprinkle the chives on & in-between the slices as well….
  7. sprinkle a bit of salt on top of the potatoes….
  8. Bake until they are cooked…tender & crisp on top… about 1 hour    Note:  I had too much oil on my potatoes & boy did it ever smoke in the oven so I had to turn my oven down!!!

You have options to serve these….you can serve them with sour cream, plain greek yogurt… melt some cheese on top… sprinkle with some cooked bacon…. We are ours as they came out of the oven…. but anyway you eat them, they are delicious!



I forgot to take a picture of cutting the potatoes so this am I had one sweet potato in the cupboard and the picture is with that…. you could make sweet potato hasselback potatoes too 




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  1. mistimaan says:

    Looks good 🙂


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