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I have not been to Vi’s for Pies, a restaurant in Edmonton, for many years. A couple of months ago we went with friends for dessert after eating at another restaurant. Then again, I was just there for a special birthday lunch with some friends.

Our kids used to go to school close to Vi’s for Pies & I would go often with friends. When we walked in the other night, it was like stepping back in time…everything looked the same. And you know, sometimes that isn’t always good, but in this case it was great in my  opinion!!!

There is a large glass display case right when you walk in filled with beautiful desserts


The menu is written on large blackboards in chalk that the staff move from table to table for the patrons to see & make their choice from.

When I was there for lunch the other day, we shared 2 dishes. One was a mushroom & carmelized onion Quiche that came with some cut up romaine lettuce, a couple of nice & thick tomatoes slices & some bias cut thick slices of cucumber. A lovely vinaigrette on the side. The vegetables were fresh & the lettuce & cucumber were crisp. No brown edges on the lettuce thankfully!  The second dish we shared was spanakopita, this also came with the same assortment & quality of vegetables & some tzatziki. The portion sizes were large & easily split between the 3 of us. We were not hungry after. We did share a piece of poppy-seed cake which I found to be a bit dry in texture, but my friends loved it!

I will definitely be back at Vi’s for Pie’s  & if you are in Edmonton, I suggest you give this restaurant a try if you haven’t or go back soon if you have!!!

I could not find a website but here is the info for this restaurant

Vi’s For Pies

13408 Stony Plain Rd NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5N 3P5, Canada     780-454-4300

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