Flour Recall 

I’m not sure if you all knew about the Robin Hood flour recall. It was for the 10kg bag of flour & it was a month or so ago. I received an email today with an updated list of flour recalls which have different sizes of flour & different brand names. I assume that The flour sold under other brand names is produced in the same factory as the Robin Hood flour….. 

Here is the link to the recall issued by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency 

I had a 10kg bag of flour before & had used most of it, but I returned it to my grocery store & they gave me my money back. I also called Robin Hood at the time & they were very apologetic & actually sent me 3 coupons for flour…which I told them I would not be using until they had thier factory cleaned up!!! They recommended that I throw out all the baking I had in the freezer from that bag of flour I had, which I did…. & I called everyone I had given any baking to so they could dispose of it as well. No point in taking a chance & I don’t want to question thier recommendation. 

Have a look at your flour bags!


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  1. Ruth Swerling says:

    Great recipes Marilyn. Thanks !

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