Final prep for Passover 

Anytime I have company over at my house for a meal or party … I like to have almost everything ready the day of the event so that I can relax with just the final preparations left to take care of the day of.  Today is no different.  We are having 22 people for the first Passover Seder here tonight . The table is ready thanks to my son Seth & one of my nephews, Jason, who brought up the tables & chairs from the basement & my daughter Jacki who set the table!  Usually a friend of mine comes to help but we couldn’t connect yesterday, I love the holiday of Passover. It lasts 8 days & during that time I find that things are simple in my kitchen. The food I make is pretty basic, lots of fresh vegetables & protein… though I love eating matza so it is for sure not a low carb week!

Here is my menu for tonight’s Seder

We start with hard boiled eggs to symbolize life

Then we move on to Gefilte fish that I have made from scratch, chopped liver, salad & an eggplant dish called Capanata which I will post the recipe in a later post & salad

Next is chicken soup with matza balls & egg noodles. I have a vegetarian soup for those that don’t eat meat

The meal is : roast turkey, sweet & sour meatballs that my sister makes, potato kugel, mashed potatoes for those that don’t like the kugel… farfel stuffing, roasted carrots , sweet apple kugel & I think that’s all for the main course

Dessert is fruit, Bon Appetit’s chocolate macaroon cake, a lemon freeze ( which I will post separately) marshmallow roll , farfel brittle ( again I will post this recipe) &  chocolate caramel matzo .. a very popular dessert that so many people make now ..& there are many variations of this but I prefer the original one!

And that’s it!!

To everyone who celebrate Passover I wish them all a Chag Sameach!


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