VIVO Restorante Downtown Edmonton

It was Seth’s ( our son) birthday & he wanted to go to VIVO Restorante Downtown, 10505-106 Street, for dinner. Well, it did not disappoint. Located behind Rogers Place, perhaps a 5 minute walk to the arena, it is a great destination for dinner before an event or game at Rogers Place. There are 3 different eating areas at Vivo. They have the whole building. On the main floor, you walk into a large entry way. To the right is the Pizzeria. The pizzeria is a family friendly casual space where you get in & out quickly. There are seats to sit in or you can take out from there. Their beautiful pizza oven is located in this area. It can make 7 ( I think that is what they said) pizzas at a time, so it can be quick.  As of now the Pizzeria is not licensed to serve alcohol. To the left of the front entrance is the Taverna. This is a casual space that is licensed. Lots of low seating as well as some high tables. Lots of TV’s around the space so you can watch the game! Each space has beautiful windows. Up the stairs or the elevator takes you to the Ristorante which is a more formal eating area. There are hightop bar areas facing the kitchen so you can watch the chefs, or some low tables & a couple small tables for 2 that are perfect for a romantic evening. We were very lucky to be given a tour around as the general manager knows Seth. Upstairs as well as the Ristorante, there is a fantastic space for private parties. 3 different areas that can can ve divided up for smaller parties or opened up for a larger affair. Out side the doors to the Ristorante there is a lovely seating area where you can wait for your table. It has beautiful comfortable chairs. There is a parking lot as well as street metered parking so it should not be hard to find a spot to park! Now getting to the important part! The food! We ate in the Taverna. Everything was very tasty, service was super friendly & our food came out quickly. They were very accomadating & actually made a salad for us from the upstairs menu that was not on the Taverna menu. I would go back to this restaruant again anytime. Here are some pictures from our diinner at VIVO Restorante Downtown

Here is a link to thier website



Seths Birthday Dessert
Pizza Oven located in the PIZZERIA
Art piece in the RISTORNTE
Are piece in the RISTORANTE
One of the private party spaces

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    Wow, looks beautiful!😋

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  2. supersu says:

    hi there!
    just wanted to drop you a quick line to say i am LOVING your blog!
    i enjoy your commentary as much as i enjoy the fabulous food images – thank you for all the information on this new spot……i didnt think it ‘was for me’…read: ‘too fancy’,
    but after your recap i wouldnt hesitate to go to the taverna and i am delighted to hear that there are some rooms for private functions….i have tried to find some central spaces for small/large gatherings….this might be a new favorite spot

    thanks again
    bon apetit
    supersu 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much!! So nice of you to comment! We enjoyed VIVO & will go again , worth a visit for you for sure. I don’t know anything about the menu for the private room functions but the space is nice


  3. Eva Galusha says:

    Hmm … I’m afraid that since Chef Micheal “left” along with a few other key long-time vivo employees, it just isn’t the same for me. The new chef spends most his time on the floor taking selfies and promoting how good he believes he is. On the good side, before a game drop by for a beer – and then leave your car in the parking lot all night for free while you go to Rogers. Great hint on close and pretty well free parking! The bar is only busy before the game and then empties right out.


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