Grandin Fish ‘N’ Chips

We went for dinner to Grandin Fish ‘N’ Chips, 9902-109 Street Edmonton,  Saturday night with friends. We got there at about 8 pm & there was a really long line up. The staff were really nice & put out some scallops for the ‘ line-up’ people to have! We ordered an appetizer to eat while we waited in line to sit down.. the Smoked Fish fritters..they come 3 to an order but, we were 4 people & I told them we would share… when they came out… there were 4 on the plate! To me that says so much about this restaurant right there…Really nice of them. We had a bit of a wait &  started eating after 9 pm. The menu is good. Lots of types of fish options  & a fish of the day which changes. There are salads on the menu & other seafood than fish. The cocktails are rum based & there is a large selection of fountain drinks. We each ordered the cod & chips. The fish & chips come with coleslaw & tartar sauce & a piece of lemon. The lemon was a good size so it was easy to use. We also ordered some mushy peas & green tomato chimcurra sauce.The fish was a nice thick piece, very crispy & not greasy. The chips were tasty. There was a bit of a mix up with Murray’s order but they were great, got it out fast & gave us a couple of desserts for free! They gave us the Chocolate Neptune..a flourless chocolate cake with earl grey ice cream & we ordered the Bonoffe pie. The desserts were great!  We left after 10 & the place was still pretty full. They close at 10 but I’m not sure if they can keep those hours because I think people are going to want to go there later! Even if it’s for a drink & dessert. They are closed on Sundays The atmosphere was good. Nice decor, Murray & our friend love to fish so they were right at home here! The washrooms were nice!  I took some pictures but didn’t take the one of the fish until half of it was eaten! & I forgot take pictures of the desserts but trust me they looked as good as they tasted! I look forward to going again! You should give it a try!

Here is a link to their website

Smoked fish fritter


Fish ( 1/2 piece!! ) chips, tarter sauce , coleslaw

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