Anyone Want Steak?

I may give up making steak on the BBQ in the summer! Since I have been making steak in my cast iron pan all winter, I realize that I love the sound of the steak sizzling in the pan getting that beautiful dark crust, leaving the center a soft pink ..*** the pictures I have taken were of some steak that wasn’t very pink in the middle…0pps!   I season the steak on both sides with some steak spice and then rub some oil on . Put it into a hot cast iron pan & leave it undisturbed until it lifts off easily (to check this, I just lift up an edge with some tongs & if it isn’t sticking I know its ready ) flip it over & and let it sizzle!   I always sear the edges of the steak, making sure that the fat gets cooked. If the steak is really thick, I sear it on both sides and then finish in a pre-heated 400f oven briefly until it has reached the desired done-ness. When the steak is done to your liking,  remove it from the pan, place on a plate & let it rest for a few minutes so that the juices will stay in the meat. Slice it up or just put the whole thing on your plate & dig in!





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  1. It’s sad to think there are people who don’t want steak.


    1. Haha I suppose but I get it! Just not what we want! We like steak!


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