Gnocchi with Mushrooms

Wow! This recipe is fantastic. The recipe was posted on We love mushrooms & I add them wherever I can! I have some friends who do not like mushrooms but I bet they could make this recipe without the mushrooms & just make the sauce. It is vegetable broth, parmesan cheese & some cream. That would be good on the gnocchi as is I think! I did not use cream, I just used 1% milk which I had in the fridge. I didn’t have any vegetable stock so I just used water! It worked out just fine. Very tasty. Murray said it was better then he thought it would be!! I like posting his comments about dinner because he is a good gauge as to what is good (sometimes!!!) I roasted some cauliflower, broccoli & peppers to have along side of the gnocchi. I think this recipe would also be good with some spinach added to the sauce at the end just to wilt the spinach. I love adding fresh spinach to most of my sauces. If you are concerned it might water down the sauce, because spinach lets off water when it cooks, just precook it, drain it & then add it to the sauce. I used the vacuum-packed gnocchi and prepared it just as the recipe said. I thought maybe I should have boiled it first, but I trusted the recipe and it was the right decision. This is defiantly worth making!

Here is the link to the recipe

PLEASE NOTE: this  website is now asking for a membership & offers a 14 day free trial but wants a credit card #. This has changed I think since I made the recipe. I in no way am suggesting that you join this website. I have nothing to do with it and unfortunately I did not write the recipe down. Your choice as to whether you want to do join or not. I did not so I am assuming things changed since I posted this recipe. 


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  1. Babette says:

    Looks so lovely and gooey. Thanks for sharing this!

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    1. Marilyn Dishes says:

      Thanks for commenting!!!


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