Eggs & Meat!

Sunday mornings hold so many delicious possibilities ..for breakfast! I looked in the fridge and what did I see? Red pepper, eggs, salami & spinach so I decided to put them all together and it was delish. This isn’t really a recipe but I will write it out in case you would like to make it.


1/2 cup of diced salami, but you can use any type of meat that will fry up nicely

1/4 cup of diced red pepper

2 cups of raw spinach which I had microwaved for 1 minute then drained off the water

4 eggs

salt & pepper


  1. Fry up the meat, I used salami which is fatty so did not add any fat to the pan.
  2. Once the meat is starting to look cooked up, add the red pepper and saute until as soft as you would like it to be!
  3. Add the spinach & combine all of the ingredients
  4. Beat the eggs , add salt & pepper to taste. Add them tot the frying pan, making sure that you cover all of the meat and vegetables
  5. Cook until the eggs are solid. I lifted the edges of the eggs and then swirled the pan around so that the raw egg got cooked and there wasn’t a pool of raw egg in the middle. I covered the pan for about a minute once I saw that eggs were pretty much done. This puffs up the eggs a bit





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