Simple Roast Chicken

I  just think that sometimes a simple  whole roasted chicken is one of the most delicious and perfect foods ( unless you are a vegetarian!!)

The smell of the roasting chicken fills the house up and whenever I make this, my family walks into the house and always comment “that smells delicious’

The way I make it is simple. There are so many delicious ways to roast a whole chicken and I won’t even attempt to mention all of them here. I have tried several different ways but always come back to this simple way. I do vary it up … sometimes adding carrots and parsnips and potatoes , either white or sweet, to the pan while the chicken is roasting. Sometimes I add onions to the bottom of the pan and sometimes I don’t!

 Roast Chicken


 1 3 lb whole chicken, defrosted if it was frozen!

1 1/2 tbsp  Seasoned Salt

1 tbsp paprika (approximately) 2 tbsp olive oil *

1 whole onion, sliced

3 carrots cut into 2 inch chunks, if thick cut them lengthwise as well

3 parsnips cut into 2 inch chunks, cut the thick end in half lengthwise

1 sweet potato

 *** the amount of carrots, parsnips and potatoes depends on how many people you are serving.  If you don’t like sweet potatoes leave them out or add white potatoes

olive oil


 1  Put the chicken into a roasting pan, the size of the pan depends on how many vegetables you are adding to the roaster pan. like my vegetables close to the chicken, not too spread out so I use a pan that allows that

2  Sprinkle the seasoned salt all over the chicken

3  Sprinkle  the paprika on the chicken

3. Drizzle the  olive oil over the chicken then rub it all over…The oil mixes with the spices beautifully and I make sure I rub it everywhere, lifting the chicken so I get the thighs as well .

4. Put the cut up onions, carrots, parsnips and potatoes around the chicken . I put a bit of paprika and olive oil on the vegetables

 5. Roast at 375F until chicken is fully cooked and the vegetables and potatoes are soft.  Baste often and if your pan gets too dry after an hour or so, add some water. ( no more than 1 cup) The chicken releases liquid while it roasts so wait that hour before deciding whether to put some water in or not. If your chicken has a lot of fat there will be more liquid in your roaster pan but if the chicken is very lean there might not be and then you should add water so you have a bit of drippings for you to baste the chicken with

I like to pour some of the drippings on the chicken at serving time and the vegetables as well.


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  1. Rhonda Winston says:

    Marilyn’s roast chickens and turkeys are THE BEST !!