Jello Chocolate Pudding Cake 

What can I bring? A dessert! What would you like? Make it a surprise!! But make it non-dairy!!
That is a lot of pressure!
A friend of mine, Renee Raff, told me about a great cake that she makes from a cake mix and a box of chocolate pudding!
I remember these cakes were popular awhile ago, can’t remember if it was the 80’s or 90’s , but I think it sounds really delicious.
I am not able to share her recipe (she got it from someone who doesn’t want it out there) so I googled it and found a recipe very similar on by MollyPaul. There is a couple of differences between this recipe and the one Renee gave me but they were just a couple of additions, some mashed banana and chocolate chips. I am going to dust some icing sugar on top of the cake and I know it will be great!
The recipe on is called
Jello Chocolate Pudding Cake 
Here is the link

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